The best fitness products and sporting goods can help you make the most of your time spent at the gym or in the great outdoors. Whether you're looking for a treadmill for a home gym or outdoor games to get the kids away from their video games over the summer, IFAST  has a wide range of sporting equipment that you and your family will love.

With the increased overcrowding in local gyms, IFAST offers you the opportunity to beat the crowds and complete your exercise routine
IFAST has home gym essentials to equip a workout space of any size.

We offer great deals on equipment, such as power rack, Olympic bumper, full weight bench, 1.5 inch rope, exercise bike and so on. All you need to provide is the will power and stamina. No matter what your fitness goals are, losing weight, gaining muscle, maintaining health, looking good, we have the fitness equipment you need to achieve it! Choose from our excellent selection of exercise equipment, including treadmills, exercise bikes, rowers, elliptical trainers, cable machines, home gyms, free weights, kettlebells, aerobic equipment, boxing gear and heart rate monitors. IFAST offers a cost-effective, time-efficient alternative to a gym contract.

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Ifast fitness has home gym essentials for sale to equip a workout space of any size. Fitness enthusiasts of all levels can benefit from carving out a home workout space complete with the right equipment your goals. From weight loss to weight maintenance, strength training to yoga.

Surfing is the most popular, fashionable and most fun water sport nowadays. More and more people love this sport. In fact, learning to surf is not difficult. As long as you master the basic surfing skills, whether it is self-study or surfing courses, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

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In outdoor camping, the canopy is sometimes a very important piece of equipment. It can be said to be an extension of the tent. The tent is our temporary sleeping cabin, and the canopy is quite our living room. Sunscreen, sunshade, windshield and other different purposes, especially when the weather is hot, the camping sun shade canopy is essential.

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Nature is so mysterious and full of charm, since ancient times, people have always wanted to conquer nature. Because of this, there is never a shortage of people who go to the wilderness for adventure travel. They pack a backpack, pack a 2 person pop up tent, a lightweight portable waterproof sleeping bag, and some other wilderness survival necessities, and then head out into the wilderness!

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Surfing can make people forget their troubles and experience the thrill of fighting against the waves and galloping on the waves again and again. That's why every day in the world there are many people looking for the perfect surfing spot just to complete a perfect chase with the waves. Compared with other extreme sports, it is not dangerous. Surfing is a world-class leisure sport and an extreme sport with the highest safety factor. But all sports have certain risks, and surfing is the same. Don't blindly challenge waves that are beyond your ability. So how do we try to keep ourselves safe?

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There are many legitimate reasons to escape the routines of everyday life, and camping has contributed to the escape for many of us. We all need to get back to nature from time to time, and we can all benefit from close encounters with nature. Sitting by a campfire under a clear sky, gazing at the stars, and listening to the sounds of the night can strengthen our bodies, soothe our minds, and restore our spirits.

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In fact, a small trekking pole can be of great use. If you really like outdoor sports, if you want to be able to walk healthily, it is very necessary to prepare a pair of reliable lightweight trekking poles and learn to use them correctly. In addition to effectively protecting your knees, it can also help you reduce weight About 30% of the weight, allowing you to walk more easily and more comfortably, and better enjoy the fun of nature.

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